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Does Water Damage Decrease Home Value?

Your home recently sustained water damage from heavy rains or a busted pipe. You can see signs of damage and now you’re wondering how it will impact the value of your home. While minor water damage may not deter a potential buyer, certain types of water damage most likely will. Luckily, there are actions you can take to rectify these issues to ensure you get the full value for your home.

If you’re wondering “does water damage decrease home value”, you should look out for these specific types of damage in your house:

Warped or Stained Ceilings and Walls

Water stains and swollen dry wall are obvious signs of water issues in a home. Potential buyers will not only wonder how extensive the damage is, they will be deterred by the uncertainty of how expensive the repairs will be. Additionally, the appearance of these issues can detract from the aesthetic you hope to convey to interested buyers. 

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Water-Soaked Carpets and Buckled Floors

Waterlogged carpeting will certainly attract the attention of a potential buyer, and not in the way you hope. While wood floors are typically an asset to a home, floors that have large stains or signs of buckling will be off-putting to an interested party.

Structural Damage

One of the biggest things new homeowners try to avoid are repairs that will add significant costs right off the bat, and structural issues will do just that. Sagging beams, rotting wood and cracks in walls are clear indicators that large structural issues may be at play.


Mold thrives in damp environments and can start to grow in a home in as little as 24 hours. Mold can indicate that there are serious moisture issues and can leave potential buyers concerned about their health if they were to purchase the home. 

If you see any signs of water damage in your home, contact a trusted property restoration company today. By addressing the damage promptly after it occurs, you can prevent further issues and more costly repairs. If you’re a resident of Central Pennsylvania, reach out to Property Restoration Group. Our emergency response team can be on the scene within two hours to begin repairs that will help ensure you get the full value for your home.

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