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This is one of the most common questions we hear. The answer is No. It is your choice which restoration company you use. Even if it is implied by your insurance adjuster or agent, you still have the final say which restoration company you choose to hire.

This is entirely up to you as the property owner, but it usually depends on the size of the claim and your deductible. We recommend that you discuss your options with your insurance agent. 

Yes. We work directly with your insurance carrier to document, scope, and estimate the claim. We work closely with your adjuster to keep them up to date on the mitigation and repairs progress and to get their approval at each stage of the restoration process.

The property owner is responsible for paying for the services, but we recommend contacting your insurance carrier to determine what your coverage options are for reimbursement. 

Often a property loss can create an opportunity for you to make upgrades or to remodel your home the way you always wanted it. We will work with your insurance company to settle the claim for what was damaged and we will apply that credit towards any upgrades you may choose.  

Not recommended. Water damage can be hidden behind walls, beneath floors, and above ceilings. If it is not properly mitigated and dried out, it may lead to a pungent odor of mildew, rot, or mold growth. PRG uses state of the art commercial drying equipment, special instruments to detect moisture, and commercial-grade anti-microbial disinfectants to ensure your property is dried to industry standards. 

The cost of water damage mitigation and repairs will vary based on the type of water and the extent of the damage. PRG will be able to give you a more accurate estimate after we assess your property on site. 

Many building materials and personal contents can be dried to pre-loss condition if mitigation starts quickly. However, the longer water sits, the more it can saturate and deteriorate the building materials and your personal contents, and lead to mold growth. Acting quickly is key to preventing the effects of water damage. 

After the fire department has extinguished the fire and your family and pets are safe, call PRG immediately to secure your property and assess the damage. We will work with you and your insurance company to develop a restoration plan to get you back in your home or business as quickly as possible. 

It depends on the extent of damage caused by the fire, how many rooms were affected by smoke, structural damage, and many other factors. It is imperative that we begin the restoration process as quickly as possible to mitigate smoke damage and control odor. 

We strongly advise you NOT to enter the structure after a fire. A fire can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of your home and there can be a high risk of collapse. Also, smoke inhalation and emissions of toxic chemicals from items burnt can be a safety concern. PRG will inspect the property to determine if it is safe to enter. We will also help you retrieve any personal items from inside your home. 

PRG will assess the condition of all your personal contents and create an inventory of each item. Our content cleaning and restoration team will either determine if the item can be restored or if is not salvageable. Everything will be accounted for, documented, and submitted to the insurance company.

This depends on the extent of the damage, your home’s layout, and your comfort level. PRG will make every effort to accommodate your needs during this difficult time. As an alternate plan, we can talk to your insurance company about off-site housing or staying at a hotel – this may be covered by your policy.

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